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How do I transform a single encoder into a dual encoder as I was able to do it before? Using condition parameters I could assign a single encoder to make the function of Com 1 Inner and Outer in the same encoder. By assigning a condition, if I would press the encoder it would understand I wanted to change the second KHz frequency. How can I do this now? I saw the selector function but not been able to enter condition parameters.



PS. I am talking about Paul's Flight Deck YouTube Video Encoder Fix. (Conditions)

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In the current versions, there is no need to assign conditions this way for COM/NAV encoders.
Just assign "Com1_Mhz" to your encoder and "Com1_Pull" to its button.

That's it. While the button is pressed, the encoder will change khz instead of Mhz.

P.S. Don't use any "outside" videos (especially old ones) as guides - they are often irrelevant, incorrect or outdated.
Only information on this site can be always correct, just ask.

Note: On your screenshot I see you have some deprecated assignments and not existed parameter names. in your cfg file, why?
And, you should NOT fill your cfg file manually, use the configurator only.

- Roman, Vlad

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