Hi Vlad/Roman.

With the new upgrade; thanks for that; the SELECTOR function in substitute for the old CONDTIONS is not set up to work with the traditional RADIO/COM. Could it be added to it?

I used that functionality to use a single encoder for changing radio and com frequencies.

Please advise.
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You can use a single encoder with any Com, Nav and combo radio, just select needed device type, the encoder Mhz and Pull button on the image map.
No need any "selector" - please read what is written on the image maps under the "pull" input.
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Hi Vlad,

In the real world the Pull button has a different purpose. I will follow your direction since you wrote the code and know how it works.

KLEE ATIS frequency is 134.3250 MHz and that's when I would use the Pull button to get to this in between freq, in the real world.

In the past, before the upgrade, I used the conditions to access MHz and KHz in the same single encoder. I would press and it would change only the KHz.

Final question:

Do I accomplish this now with the Pull button?

Please advise.


Actually, every selectable radio device has functionality "as in real world" including memory,
see description here: https://simvim.com/svc_custom_radio.html

What Nav/Com model do you replicate?

See the yellow text on the map, how the pull/push works when two or one is encoder used:

The encoder button can be assigned either as switch (hold to change Khz) or as a momentary - click to change KHz or click to change Mhz.

When two encoders are used this button has it's "native" functionality.