Not sure if I am doing anything wrong or not!

When using the configurator tool to setup my (first try) switchpanel,. I use the controls layout for the 737 panel,. Is all of these confiburable switches and buttons compatible with the zibo mod? Some of my switches just dont work,. Rechecked my wiring several times,. For example my battery switch can be switched to on but when I switch back to off nothing happens?, same problem with some switches for external lights,.

I used a few on/off switches,. One pole and one ground connection!  Did I miss something in the info given by simvim?

Please tell me if you need more info/data from my side  


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All layout maps are universal, not related to any specific model, every SimVim parameter name is related to real plane function.
This is the SimVim development principle.

The Battery works fine.

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