I'am working on a desktop cockpit setup for the Rotate MD-80 (MD88). I plan on creating the FGCP and also the radios on the centre pedestal. Both with displays and all. I've already added the TOGA and AT-disconnect buttons to my CH-throttle quadrant. These needs custom conversion witch I've already created through a personal conversionfile. I think it's time to join the "Rotate-md80" conversion-team.
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I can  see only the file with few parameters, I have added them (4) to the main file. But, why you use both "AP_SPD_Kts" and "AP_SPD_Cmd"?

Also, I see a couple of lines with irrelevant parameter names in the convertion from 13 Aug (if it is  yours).
In the main file there are two HSI_Sel_CRS and HSI2_Sel_CRS already assigned.

(You can edit the main file)
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Hi Vlad. Thanks. I did not know you could directly acces the "personal" conversionfiles - that's clever! I've used the parameters "AP_SPD_Kts" and "AP_SPD_Cmd" there for testing. The final AP_SPD_Cmd for the Rotate MD88, depends on 3 custom Xrefs. The standard Xref: (sim/cockpit/autopilot/airspeed) is for some reason actually holding the display value for the AP_VS_Cmd when the AP IAS pitch mode is selected - showing the current knots- or mach value. This IAS function is similar to the levelchange (where speed is controlled by pitch). The 3 parameters for AP_SPD_Cmd are:

XRef -- Value -- Simvim Parametername

'Rotate/md80/autopilot/spd_is_mach' -- 0,1 --  AP_IAS_Mach_On

'Rotate/md80/autopilot/at_target_mach' -- 0.5-1? -- AP_SPD_Mach?? (new parameter suggestion - if necessary)

'Rotate/md80/autopilot/at_target_speed'  -- 100-500? -- AP_SPD_Kts

The output to show depends on the spd_is_mach value: When this xref is 1 the display must show the mach value, else the Kts value. I've looked at the Conditions function - but it doesn't seem to allow every simvim-parameters as input condition parameters.  Are this kind of logic allowed in simvim? The obove intermediate values does not necessarely have to be public disposed if you have another solution for this implemented.