Hi, I am trying to program a 737 cockpit. I found it to be much easier to program and debug each section separately. I programed and debugged the MIP and named the file data1.cfg. I then programed and debugged the pedestal and named the file data2.cfg.

How do I now combine or merge this two file into the final data.cfg file? Copy and paste does not merge the data without duplications.

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No, you should make the single configuration.
Once you started  your configuration, you can continue it in any moment uploading your created file to the configurator.

Why it is "much easier to program and debug each section separately." ?

It's simple configuration that no need any "debug". Once you assign any input it will work as needed.

And you don't need to open the data.cfg file and change anything in it. This is a simple list of assigned parameters, all work is done in the plugin, which interprets each parameter depending on its function and type of device or plane.

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Thanks Vlad, I understand and I somehow had the feeling that what I was doing was not correct.  I generally have some difficulties with the table configurator and knowing exactly what to use, and during the trial and error process things get messed up. The "layout maps" configurator is by far my preferred way. I am glad you are expanding it continuously.