Hi I'm new to this site and find it brilliant to use. I make all my own interfaces for FSX and P3Dv4.4 but now looking at X-Plan 11. I'm a Patron and have start to build my new interface and have a fully working radio prototype so I'm now looking at combining the MCP, lights, gear and other items all in one panel. I have started do the switches and testing the input MUX's and all work OK. However I'm having problems with the 595 using it as a LED driver for the annunciators. I have wired the register as: Ser_In goes to pin 28 (D), L_clock to pin 27 (L) and Clock to Arduino designated pin. I programed the Arduino pin and the LED driver for the LED and use 470ohm resistor to connect LED. It seems I must be doing something wrong as it doesn't work,can you help?
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Make sure the /OE input is set to GND. And when you assigned driver in the configurator, note the bus number (the electric bus that feeds this LED group), if the bus has no voltage (or it is <10V by default) all LEDs will be OFF.

Update: here is the diagram with connections, if you use this breakout board:

Noe that chip pin #10 should be in high level /+ (this is the /Reset input on this breakout board)


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Many Many thanks all working perfect now it was the reset. Now the big job to build the panel. I have the prototype radio,nav,adf and xponder all working and now the job of installing into the panel. I'm combining MCP without displays, lights, landing gear and other bit all into one panel. Once I have the panel printed I will post you an image if that's allowed? At the moment I have two unit I have build that work into P3D but this will allow me to work in X-Plane.

Again many thanks