Hello since update 9.61 the input options window don't work correctly.

only the first part works se second part not for example the switch get the right affectation but if i want give a custom ref to it's switch the button in the window to do that is missing.

I tried to go back to last edition same problem I must to back up to the 9.46b to recover the good window any idea to this problem and how to correct it

many thanks for help
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The conversion tool has been removed from the plugin since v0.9.54, replaced with an online conversion tool (with personal and community versions). See this page for details. The personal conversion tool is here.

Also available on that page are finished (and currently in-progress) conversion files made by the community for a number of popular custom aircraft models.

- Roman

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Many thanks Roman I will start with this new fonction if it's working with my plane I will perhaps transfert that for the community A320 jardesign plane.....

kind regards

Jean Pierre
Hi Roman

Sorry to disturb you again but i tried to create my custom conversion but impossible to do it

could you quicly explain me how to proced the old system was so simple...

Very big thank for your help

Jean Pierre