I want to be part of the custom conversion community.
I'm working on the 767 from flightfactor.
Unfortunately, I can no longer load my file into the converter.
greetings Uwe
Aug 22 in Custom Aircraft by

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Why can't you load your file to converter?  There can't be any problem with this.
You can create your file and edit it in any time.

By the way, all I can see in the database is one conversion for b767 FF with only 2 lines of default parameters.

Aug 23 by
After your update, I can no longer load my file that I edited until Julie.
I'm not talking about a 737.
Since a lot has changed with the new firmware, I wanted to adapt it now.
Why can't I get access to the custom conversion community?


I meant b767 FF, corrected.

The "personal" converted work for new created files, not uploaded from the table.
So, you should create your own file from scratch in that converter.

You have got an access to the converter, check again, click on the Boeing B757 - FlightFactor in the table here.

Please follow the conversion rules, enter only correct parameter names..