Noticed that since update to xplane 11.50 R1 game seems to crash randomly in vulcan and opengl.

It can crash on startup when plugin is about to connect or sometimes startup is fine and it crashes when refreshing plugin.

Anyone else with any issues like that?

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Read here first:
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Hey, pretty sure it was latest version (august 09)downloaded again today replaced simvim.dat file and still the same issue. Should i replace whole folder?

Its 7 segment display MAX7219.

"Its 7 segment display MAX7219."

And, how it is assigned? What do you see in the needed position?

Through multiplexer, i can see all digits no problem, once i add n/s or e/w it crashes, so etimes it works all day then after i reload game again, crashes. Its very random. Sometimes it crashes every single time when i turn game on and plugin reconnect initially. I could not get N/S to show up at all. Not sure why. Even if its the only option added to display, its not showing. I can display E/W but again it sometimes crashes. Sometimes first reconnect is fine, display showing E/W then if i try reload crashes.

No idea
I mean - how did you assign the parameters to your display, exactly.
I would need to check tomorrow, but basically i add 3 separate options under one MAX, and move some of them enough digits so i can see all of them on display. All default, no changes etc added. Just pick option, assign, move 2-3 digits and done