I have downloaded the conversion for TBM900, which is listed as "finished"

But it seems that the "Display backup" button is not converted. The command issued in the dataref plugin is "tbm900\switches\efis\rev_left"

Please let me know if I am doing it wrong, or let me know how this can be added to the conversion, thanks!

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OK, if you mean the "G1000_Backup" parameter, I have added it, you can download the updated file and try.
By the way, you have pointed that you are building the C172 cockpit, do you?
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another issue is that it does not revert to the barometric pressure currently set, when pressing it a second time, switching from STD Baro to current QNH. If there is a way I can try out the conversion myself, I'd be happy give it a shot.

1. Yo can make totally your specific (personal) conversion (from scratch) for any plane using the "individual" converter.
2. Or, You can make (in the individual converter) one additional (your custom) small conversion file placed to the aircraft folder along with the main "simvim_TBM900_Hotstart.dat  file. There you can add any parameters that are absent for now in the main file.

Note - the additional file name should be that format:  svc_alt.dat  (svc_alt_TBM.dat, svc_alt_tbm900.dat, etc).


I went with your 2nd option and "voila"!
Once again, thank you so much for great support and this fantastic software :)

Now you can omit the secondary conv.file - use the main only with either PFD_Baro_STD  or Baro_STD
Great, thanks!