I received my Arduino around 2 months ago while working on my overhead panel project, though when I decided to make a test panel it did not work. i followed the instructions provided to a T, ever with another Simvim user overlooking the process. I heard the "ding dong" of a computer input and hit detect port. A split second later the message comes up "no new device detected."
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What is your computer's OS? Can you check the name of the serial port Arduino connects to?
- Roman
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Yep, a 2560 and im on windows 10, but I got some input on discord and the problem is fixed!
How did you fix this - would help others

Well, I went to the creator of the software mobiflight, and he told me that my drivers were outdated. So you can go into arduino IDE and update the drivers. I forget the exact process but its a hard reset of the arduino.
OK Thanks for the information - I have moved away from Mobiflight as for X-Plane it's way too complicated for me!