I am getting ready to move to the witmotion 32 board to control my servos.

I have two questions..

First, the old uno based servo controller pins are numbered 2-19 and the witmotion ports are 0-31.  which port on the witmotion control is equal to pin 2 (on the uno board?)  0 or 2?

Second, I understand that the configurator does not support 32 servos yet, but can I access them in data.cfg?  example S24 Prop_RPM_Eng2?


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Yes, you can use all 32 channels.

In the configurator you can assign only servo from 2 to 19, the numbers are equal to the board numbering.
For Wit board the numbering is the same (2 = 2 on board) .

You can assign any, and then change the numbers manually.

We will add this to the configurator, hope soon,


May 2, 2019 by
sounds great!

this works for me

Refresh my memory, I couldn't find it in the tech guide..

How many servos can you use with a NANO controller? I count 20, is that correct?