I am getting ready to move to the witmotion 32 board to control my servos.

I have two questions..

First, the old uno based servo controller pins are numbered 2-19 and the witmotion ports are 0-31.  which port on the witmotion control is equal to pin 2 (on the uno board?)  0 or 2?

Second, I understand that the configurator does not support 32 servos yet, but can I access them in data.cfg?  example S24 Prop_RPM_Eng2?


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1 Answer

Yes, you can use all 32 channels.

In the configurator you can assign only servo from 2 to 19, the numbers are equal to the board numbering.
For Wit board the numbering is the same (2 = 2 on board) .

You can assign any, and then change the numbers manually.

We will add this to the configurator, hope soon,


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sounds great!

this works for me