Hello there, In order to upload the firmware the Arduino mega was detected and the firmware upload was successful ( i got the prompt that says so ). Post that in the status page - The board is not being detected, the symbol keeps on rotating (Even after hitting the " reconnect hardware " option)

Am guessing the firmware was not uploaded to the Arduino successfully :-/

I tired this on a windows 8.1 laptop and there after with a Mac book Pro, I even tried a different Arduino Mega 2560 board and with and without the power adapter, even swapped USB cables to rule out cable fault - Still the same issue persists

Windows firewall is off / Xplane 11 has been given read & write access / There is no anti virus blocking the software

Been stuck at this for the past 2 days now, what am i missing out ? Is there some other windows or Xplane settings that i need to modify in order for Sim Vim to communicate with Xplane 11 and successfully upload the firmware

Very eager to start using Sim Vim, any assistance to sort this out would be appreciated.


Ajay Jayaraj
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port - COM3 ( windows )

Port:dev/cu.usbmodem14101 ( Mac )

On the windows laptop the Xplane installation is onto the C: Games, ie custom location, i read online that its supposed to be installed on the desktop, could this be an issue ? but however on my mac the installation is in the default location.
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Installation location doesn't matter at all (and installing to the desktop sounds like a really bad idea in general).

The ports you listed should be working fine.

Nothing needs to be configured in X-Plane in order for SimVimCockpit to work. Just check that you unpacked the plugin archive as-is - your SimVim folder contains the file called SimVim.dat, right?

Also, how much time passes between pressing the button to upload firmware, and the window reporting finished upload attempt? (it can't really confirm if the upload was successful or not).

- Roman
Hello there, so i was able to finally get around the issue, I noticed that "Simvim.dat" did  not have read / write access. Just to reset things i did a fresh install of Windows and X Plane, and it started working like a charm. I still have not got it working on my Mac-book, but am sure it has something to do with my security settings, either ways i plan on using on my windows desktop.

Hope this would be useful to someone who got stuck like me.