Hello Vlad, I hope everything is fine, I want to put a Engine # 1 RPM, with a max7219 display, conected to test  direct to master, use the PIN30,31, 32, 33 (when testing) if I am lucky it turns on, but only 3 Segments    1027 RPM  shows 027  , ( change the spaces so that it starts at 0, 1, 2 but it still comes out 3 digits, 1.- assumption Bad arduino card, not because I changed it, 2.- assumption display failed, change  four  diferents  3.- assumption operator (I) stunned by quarantine, I think so, give me a hand, so you can tell me what my mistake would be.

I need your opinion, I made the button where NAV and GPS are selected, very easy, but when testing with the test panel, (in the simulator) they turn on both, in the connection my panel does not, I should use the ground of the switch so that When you activate it, turn on the GPS led, or there is another way.

Thank ,  

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Of course it NOT a bad board, as soon as you have it connected weel and outputs/inputs work.

It seems you use the 4-digit TM1637 and have assigned the RPM_Eng1 parameter that is not supposed to be assigned for display.
You can use the Prop_RPM_Eng1 - it is configured to be displayed and it's the same as engine rpm in c172..

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