What ist the correct procedure for using data.cfg files per aircraft?
I seem to remember the possibility to use data.cfg files per aircraft by putting a data.cfg file in the aircrafts folder but I haven't been able to find this description again.
Using Google, I get

ardsimx.blogspot.com › 2018/06
06.06.2018 - Just place a data.cfg file inside an aircraft's folder. Now you can have separate data config files for each plane you fly. If the plugin don't find ...

but the link doesn't exist anymore - or so it seems.

So I tried just that, putting a modified version of my working data.cfg into the aircrafts folder (in this case "D:\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Laminar Research\Aerolite 103") but this doesn't seem to work. I still get the configuration from the data.cfg in "D:\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\SimVim".

What I'd like to achieve:
I've build my own collective for heli flying using simvim to feed the input into X-Plane. Thats works very nice.

But I sometimes like to do sightseeing in ultra lights like the Aerolite and I would like to use the collective as throttle in those cases.

So where my standard data.cfg reads
A8    Rotor_Pitch
for this aircraft it would have to be
A8    Eng_Throttle

If someone would give me a hint how to achieve this, it would be very much appreciated.


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Please read this:


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Thanks for your answer.

Using several data.cfg files is OK but only a "workaround".

Maybe autmatically using a data.cfg based on the choose aircraft could be considered as a feature for the future developement.

I realize this wouldn't be of much importance to the typical cockpit builder. But people like me using simvim simply for building diy controls it would be great. For example I wired up some buttons and rotary encoders to control flight plan and map display of the G1000 in flight. The vr controllers aren't really great for this and it adds to the immersion to have real controls at approx the location where they are shown in the vr cockpit.

For aircrafts with older garmins I could use this as well since the button layout ist the same. But I would have to use a different data.cfg as I would need to map different functions to the inputs. Just to illustrate there is more than one use case for this.

So it would be nice if you would consider this. In the mean time, I will try to get used to working with different data.cfg files. But I will probably forget it regularly until I sit in the virtual cockpit... ;-)