Dear Vlad/All,

I'm trying to do a Garmin GMC 710 project at home using SimVim with Arduino Mega 2560.

My Encoders and Switches are working perfect but I have some issues with led announciators.

You can see my device and simvim configurator page in the attachments.

My issues are :

When I press the HDG button ; HDG led turns on but also ALT led is turns on on my device but not on the dashboard on the screen. If I press again the HDG button its led turns off both on my device and on the screen. But ALT led on my device remains on. To put it off if I press the ALT button little blink happens and remains on.  Only if I press FD button all leds go off. Why I can't sync my device with simulator screen ?

Other issue is : If I press the APR button, both APR & NAV led turns on and again ALT goes on. But on the simulator screen again ALT led is of. I press APR leds goes of, I press NAV leds goes of but ALT led remains on on my device. Same with other issue If I press ALT button on the screen LED goes of but on my device it remain on all the time until if I press the FD button all leds goes off. 

Does anybody can help me ?

Image 1 :
Image 2 :


Ege Mukan.

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1 Answer

To check it in your plane without simvim just open the Dataref Tool, find the AP commands for hdg and press the command to see reaction.
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Wooohhoooo thank you.. what have you done what did you change...

Now It's working as how should be...

Only problem APR and NAV led does not turn on this time....

I've tried with Cessna Skyhawk (G1000) All buttons including APR & NAV are working with my AP BOX.

And, I've tried it with Carenado Cessna Mustang (G1000). It's working like a charm. Only problem is HotStart TBM 900.

Aerobask Robin DR401 CDI155 (G1000) also very nice.
Aerobask E1000 G1000 Edition is working very nice too.