I wanted to inform me about the state of the A320 tables. They are not really finished and there are some which aren‘t working. I am planning on starting my cockpit very soon but unfortunately that‘s a bit difficult without those tables.

Are you planning on adding them in near future? Or would it be possible to send me a list of all the connections so that I can program them myself?

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Hello Philip,

For which plane do you plan the overhead ?
I am already quite far with my overhead for the FlightFactor A320. Some time ago I asked Vlad to complete the layout maps for the A320. That would simplify things and avoid confusion.


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Hi Andreas, thanks for your reply.

I am also building my homecockpit for the FlightFactor A320 so if you could help me there that would be great! Unfortunately Vlad seems to concentrate more on SimVimPanels and the FMS at the moment.

Edit: Is there a way of contacting you privately?

Kind regards,

Hello, Philipp,

I like to help :-)
I have created a few Word documents to get an overview of the required inputs and outputs. Since almost all inputs and outputs of the FlightFactor A320 have to be converted, you quickly lose the overview.
You also have to adjust the "publish.txt" file in the FF A320 folder to add the needed datarefs for the conversions. I can also send you this file with my current status.
Then I have created an Excel table, where you can see, which inputs and outputs I have linked to the corresponding X-Plane parameters and FF A320 parameters.
If you are interested, you can ask by email at andreas.zwerg@online.de