I'm interested in converting the *********** Garmin GMA350 (Audio panel) to SimVim, so that I can use the dual LJV encoder and momentary switch on the right hand side of the unit to control the ADF.  I already have a simvim mega 2560 installed - running other encoders and switches. It runs off the data.cfg in the /Resources/Plugins/SimVim directory.   How do I install and configure another unit?  Thanks.
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Simple - you need to connect the Audio bezel buttons directly to the master board or to the multiplexer inputs and assign them in the configurator.  All you need is a simple plastic (PVC) bezel with buttons and LEDs (full cost about $5-10).

As you can see here:  "As the central control unit the SimVimCockpit interface uses a single 16 MHz microcontroller AVR ATmega2560."

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I run out of IO ports (inputs for many buttons) on my current ATmega setup, can I connect another ATmega (via USB) to do outputs such as frequency displays?

(I'd rather not mess with multiplexing as it adds complexity.)

No. As mentioned above (single board).