It is not possible to use selector_1   .. 4 for data conversion.

No valid new parameters present in the configuration.  is shown in the custom configurator.
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Of course it's not possible. It's a SimVim internal function, not a parameter.
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You can download here the file I have created for the Dash-8 Q400 FJS (just started), put it to the aircraft folder and try these two rotary switches.

(by the way, I didn't see any  conversion made for FJS Dash in the personal converter database...)

Thank you Vlad,

it nearly works perfect with this data.cfg


M39.0    ND_Map_Range    p=6
M39.6   EHSI_BRG1_Mode  p=4


The only problem ist, the range of EHSI_BRG1_mode 0 to 2 with following sequenz 0,0,1,2

It should be 0,1,2,3. There no need for the 5Th position, as FJS has not implemented the AUX Mode




Is there any interest in some hardware ideas. Using a SS 495 A and  two neodyme magnets you get in a range of +/- 45 degrees a nearly linear analog input control.

Modulary building of cockpit panel is faciltated by using RJ 45 sockets and standard ethernet cables.


The EHSI_BRG1_Mode should work fine, I have tested before (and now again).
And, it's already set as sequence in the conversion - 0,1,2,3,4 

Maybe your switch wiring is not correct? You have to use all 4 terminals connected to 4  inputs.

(the "4"  is active only if you connect 5-th terminal of a 5-position switch)

And you don't need to set p=4 after the name - it's not used when values are assigned (but it used when you uploading your cfg file to the configurator for edit, to define the number of occupied inputs in the table)


wiring of the rotary switch was incorrect. After correction now it works perfect



ND_Map_Range    in the Dash Q400 has only 6 position, EHSI_BRG1_Mode only 4 position. As p = xx has no effect, 39.6 and 39.11 can not be used. Is this correct ?