Is it possible with the simvin 737 throttle to also use the motorized functions?

Eg mine got servo powered throttles but now need custom code to work with simvin. Also the trim weels have a dc motor that can all work with ardiono yet not now with simvin. Any ideas how to get this all added or to work?
Apr 10, 2019 in Wiring, Powering by

1 Answer

For motor (servo or stepper) use the  "AT_MOTOR" parameter located in the AP/MCP tab  --> AP Status and Displays tab.
To activate/de-activate  the motor clutch (if you have one) use the  "AT_Control_On"  parameter (as digital output for relay / driver).
But all depends on the specifics of your construction. 
We will try to cover this theme later in our website, and possible add some special custom parameters.

Apr 10, 2019 by
Good to know. Only thing i missed and that makes a throttle easy. DC motor is for later a thing but can finish the concept. Thanks. This makes coding a lot easier.