I have daisy chained 2 DM13A driver to display 2 10 Led Bar trim indcators. (rudder and Elevator). Pins 0-9 on both DM13A drivers. 

Single DM13A driver you have an output pin. When you have two you are suppose to use that output pin to S which is pin #26. I cant define a driver on that pin as it is not available. 

I also tried pin #40 and can only assign one of the two DM13A drivers when i click on the 32 to extend the pin it says "this assignment requires 10 free pins in a row."

thank you for your help.


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Hi Luke,

1) You should not use pin #26 for  the Serial output control. It's only for output extension MUX.

You can assign any free controller pin as output for any number of serial drivers.
For example, you can assign pin #8 as output for one DM13A driver, pin #40 for 2x DM13A chained drivers, etc, as many as you need.

Not necessary to connect all as daisy-chained, even better if you will have separate drivers for every group of 16 LEDs (if you have free pins), and especially if these LED groups are located in different part of your panel.

2) Regarding the LED bar configuration, yes, I see that there is a bug in the configurator,
we will fix it ASAP.


i think everything will work great once i can assign the second led bar in the config. otherwise i have followed the website down to the dot =) as you can tell from the lack of emails to you haha. please to advise me on here once the config is fixed so i can assign the second bar to pin 16-25.

Thank you as always. =) another small bug i found. the ice light we discussed before is always on even though the switch state is center to off.
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It's done,  Roman has fixed the configurator right now, you ca use the Serial outputs numbered from #16  to configure the linear LED bars.

thank you guys so much as always =)
Works perfect thank you =) !!!