Do you support the C172 autopilot panel input switches? I want to add push buttons on my panel and have them operate the 172 HDG and NAV switches, etc. The 172 layout I see doesn't show the autopilot. The other autopilot panels are not like the newer 172 AP panel. So I'm not sure if I can do this.

Will this generic AP work with the newer 172 AP panel?

Generic AP Panel

Thank you...

UPDATE: I was looking at the generic AP panels and I hooked up one of the HDG selections to a push switch. When I pushed the switch, the 172 AP HDG mode got selected so it worked fine. I'll use those generic AP panels.

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Any XP autopilot works with the parameters assigned in the main image maps.
As for specific functionality, you could read it here - the notes under the v 9.61 release post (29 July):

"- STec-55 Autopilot: with new SimVim functions, pressing HDG+NAV  activates "Selectable Course Intercept with armed NAV" mode  (in X-Plane, these are separate commands that work like another "virtual" button, and do not get called when pressing the 2 buttons together in a real cockpit).

Similar function for ALT and VS buttons - simultaneously pressed  ALT+VS initiate the VS hold with altitude ARM (for autopilot with connected ST-360 altitude selector).


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