Hi, XPDR_Mode and XPDR_Msg don't work for a long time, previously they worked, I always waited for a new update but months ago they stopped working. Thanks
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I've just tested them, and they work as they should.

Try reassigning transponder parameters from scratch, using the configurator's image map (Layout Maps -> XPDR Devices).

It's possible you had them assigned before they were reworked a long time ago. Note that "XPDR_Mode" is used for the mode switch, and "XPDR_Msg" is only used to show the currently selected mode on a display as a text annunciator.

- Roman
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I don't remember about "B36.0-5, and B42.10-12", possibly it was some test at some point, I already deleted them. I assigned the "XPDR_Mode" entry to "Fuel_Pump" and it fires, but with XPDR_Mode it doesn't actuate. Thank you
Please disregard the comment about LCD - it was just a mistake in our own test configuration.

The only thing that wasn't working is "XPDR_Mode" input assigned to a button, because of a required option for it missing in the configurator. When assigned to a multi-position switch, it worked fine.

We've corrected it now - you can just reassign your button in the configurator. It will work fine now.

- Roman
Thank you very much; Now it works very well, just a detail, after the message "TST" when returning to "OFF" it does not completely clear the screen leaving the last letter "T". A greeting


Oh, right. That bug was due to a small inconsistency in the pre-set options for this parameter. We've already fixed it, but haven't updated the file on the website.

It's updated now, you can download the updated SimVim.dat file, that fixes the bug.

- Roman

It was perfect. Thank you very much. A hug