Im working on A320 flight factor. However, AP_Airspeed_Sync dont work. Ive confirmed that there is no wiring issue. In addition to that, i have copied the required  "a320/Panel/FCU_SpeedMode_switch_push" and "a320/Panel/FCU_SpeedMode_switch_pull" onto publish.txt and still dont work. Guess im missing other custom command string on publish.txt and ive copied publishable.txt and commands.txt onto publish.txt to ensure i dont miss anything. It still dont work please help me
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Ask the people who are working on this conversion in this thread, please.

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Hi. I might help you. I cannot confirm that will work, but you can try.

First, don't copy all data from publishable.txt to publish.txt (I don't know the reason, but it seems to be problem with many commands).

Look these datarefs (commands), I hope you need that commands for "speed" encoder (push and pull) :




try put it these command strings in publish.txt

(path: X-Plane 11\Aircraft\FlightFactor A320 ultimate\data\publish.txt)

sorry for my English, I hope you will understood me.

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