The simcoders 172 REP uses a handful of custom datarefs. I am particularly interested in "simcoders/rep/cockpit2/gauges/indicators/engine_0_egt_ref_needle" at the moment, as I cannot get the EGT ref needle to move.

Can I possibly get access to make a custom conversion file?  What was the reason for closing it off to people? I used it in the past to make a conversion for the Airfoil Labs 172.
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What do you mean closing it off? The personal converter is still available, there's a link to it on this page - here.

REP parameter conversions are already included in the plugin by default - including the dataref that you mentioned - and should work as-is if the aircraft has REP included in it (the plugin checks if the aircraft folder has the "plugins/REP" folder inside it, then it loads the built-in REP conversion if this folder is found).

Also note that the "EGT_Ref_Set" parameter (which uses the dataref you listed) is used for an input (encoder), and for output the parameter "EGT_Eng1" is used.

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Thanks for letting me know on the link, my mistake. I searched the page and could not find it, I was able to this time.

I have an encoder set to "EGT_Ref_Set_1". In the stock Laminar 172, it moves the EGT ref needle; the dataref that changes is "laminar/c172/knob_EGT".

In the REP 172, the "laminar/c172/knob_EGT" still gets changed by the encoder, but it does not actually move the needle in the airplane. The dataref that moves the needle is "simcoders/rep/cockpit2/gauges/indicators/engine_0_egt_ref_needle" and that is not changed by the encoder.