For some reason I can’t determine, switches are working for me the exact opposite of what they should. A momentary push on button is considered on when the circuit is open, and off when it’s pushed. On/off switches are doing the same thing. Why is my install backwards?
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Double check the wiring to the switches and push buttons. SimVim registers a GND as "ON". Details here Switches positioning .


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As an example, I have a fuel pump switch which is connected to pin 30, and ground. When I turn the switch on, closing the circuit between 30 and ground, this turns the fuel pump off, in the sim. When I turn the switch off, disconnecting 30 from ground, that turns the pump on.

Similarly, I have Start_Eng1 switch which is on when pushed, and off when released. It's connected to pin 38 and ground. When I hold the switch down, the engine starter is off. When I release it, the engine starts. The behaviour is the inverse of what I was expecting, and what the documentation says.

Looking at the data.cfg made by the configurator, what does the *1-1U1 line at the top mean? This is the only line whose function isn't immediately obvious.

As  you should use the configurator you don't need to look into the data.cfg fule, of course many lines can be "not obvious" to read, and not explained, the whole file id for the plugin configuration, not for manual editing.

How do you connect all your switches - directly or using the multiplexers?
How do you power  your system? What plane are you testing?

There is nothing complicated in SimVim, if everything is connected correctly, it should work as expected.

Direct connection, Cessna 172. The Arduino Mega draws power directly from USB. If I connect a single switch and give it a single function, it will do the direct opposite to what the documentation says to expect. Closed circuit is off, open circuit is on.
... you can check it simple - assign a switch and then test it without switch - take a wire and use it to connect the pin to GND.