Hi, I'm annoying you again.

My query is as follows: Can I use a Raspberry Pi 3 Mod B 1GB V1.2 for the primary screen of the Baron 58?

Do I have to be careful?

My idea is to buy a Raspberry to try but the price in Argentina is very high.

Thank you.

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I bet I annoy him more than you lol :)
You will be happy to know that I annoy him the most!! :) But I plan on sticking around for a while!

Cheers Vlad and Roman
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Certainly, the cheapest option for you can be an old computer or laptop, as we are mentioning on the project page.

Any 10-15-years old computer (that you can find in "second-hand" ads for few bucks or free)  with processor frequency from about 1000 Mhz can be used for full panel, as example Celeron 1000 with a video card like Nvidia 5500 or  an old laptop with additional LCD monitor connected to it.

As for Raspberry Pi,  it may be not "smooth" enough (at least with Pi 2)  for very "gauge-populated" panels, and still need to be tested. 

As for Pi 3, we will test it soon, after Roman will rewrite SimVimPanel for C++  (see details here).