When i test the cessna 172 warnings panel with Ann_Test the fuel level L and fuel level R led's will not light up, the oil, volts, and Vac all work, everything works ok in the sim. any ideas?

Thank you
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1. For "general" fuel quantity warning use the "Fuel_Quantity_Ann"  parameter. It will work with "test" button.
For separate  Left/Right
"Low Fuel" warning  use the "Fuel_Level_..." parameters with assigned range (min=0, max=10 kgs for Cessna).

2. Normally, most of annunciators have related dataref in every plane flight model and work with assigned "Ann_Test" button.

But, if there is no "dedicated" dataref for some light (as for Fuel low above), you need to use the "Ann_Test_On" parameter, that indicates the test button is pressed.  Just assign this parameter to the same LEDs that are used for  low fuel annunciators.


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Works now, with "Ann_Test_On" thank you for the information,