I totally rebuilt my Baron58 cockpit that I had originally made using ArdSimX plugin. However, I have some difficulties in understanding the use of the configurator. in particular I have a question related to flaps.
I'm not able to configure the 3 position switch (off-on-on) that I use in my cockpit.

I tried to use both Flap_Handle_Pos and Flaps_3-pos but the command is not executed correctly.

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All you need is select the "Flaps_3-pos"  parameter and connect the ON-OFF-ON 3-position switch as shown on this picture (red switch) - http://simvim.com/inputs/svc_input.png

It works fine with B58.

For 3 LEDs use these parameters in the configurator:

Upper = Flaps_Unsafe
Middle = Flaps_Position_Ind  (set value "range" 0.5 - 0.5)
Lower = Flaps_Position_Ind  (with value "range" 1 - 1)


OK, I changed the switch to an ON-OFF-ON type and it works correctly!
How can i save the range Value?

When i click "save" nothing happens, and nothing change in the data.cfg ( not only in this value )
What do you mean nothing happens? I.e., when you click "Save" in the configurator your system doesn't show you the "save to.." dialog window?

It means your browser is set to save files not asking where to save and you need to find you file in the "downloads" or some other place.

Saving by Browser all okay. But If i try to  changea value in x-plane ( Plugin / Output ), i can Change The value and click "save"!, But If diesen t save it.

Same with" Gear unsave (Red) " It works nearly perfekt. Mostly on, ist goes Out wenn i tap "G". After 1 Seconds It goes on again. I Must only  inverse It. Click to The Check Box, save, and nothing Happens.

( I dont know The right Syntax of The Commands to make It in  TheEditor
You should not use the plugin "output" for this, all you need is to assign LEDs in the configurator with needed value range. If you did something with re-assigning in the plugin you need to delete it.