I totally rebuilt my Baron58 cockpit that I had originally made using ArdSimX plugin. However, I have some difficulties in understanding the use of the configurator. in particular I have a question related to flaps.
I'm not able to configure the 3 position switch (off-on-on) that I use in my cockpit.

I tried to use both Flap_Handle_Pos and Flaps_3-pos but the command is not executed correctly.

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All you need is select the "Flaps_3-pos"  parameter and connect the ON-OFF-ON 3-position switch as shown on this picture (red switch) - http://simvim.com/inputs/svc_input.png

It works fine with B58.

For 3 LEDs use these parameters in the configurator:

Upper = Flaps_Unsafe
Middle = Flaps_Position_Ind  (set value "range" 0.5 - 0.5)
Lower = Flaps_Position_Ind  (with value "range" 1 - 1)


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OK, I changed the switch to an ON-OFF-ON type and it works correctly!