I connected 4-positions rotary switch to MUX - exactly as described here https://simvim.com/svc_inputs.html. The rotary switch doesn't work. To check this, I connected the rotary switch directly to the Arduino MEGA - and it works fine! I tested this phenomenon on another MUX - and the rotary switch still doesn't work.

I discovered the following:

when I assign the EFIS_Map_Mode parameter to Arduino pin (no. 4 in my case) it takes 5 positions (0-4) (see the attached picture).


After I save the file, the line in the data.cfg file is

M4.0    EFIS_Map_Mode

But... when I call this data.cfg file into the configurator it appears as follows


The EFIS_Map_Mode parameter takes only one position (no. 0). Positions 1-4 are empty!!!

Please help.

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The ^ signs in the configurator only shows the occupied pins for configuration convenience, and this does not affect how the switch works.
The plugin receives a position from the switch anyway.

Eventually these ^^ will appear in all switches when the cfg file is uploaded to the configurator later..

As you've seen when testing it as direct connection it works fine, so then it should work with MUX (I assure you).
What about other switches on the MUX, are they working?

Dec 24, 2020 by
I am using a rotary switch for the EFIS_Map_mode attached to a 16 channel MUX and it is working fine for me

After a long time I've found the problem!! It was defective Arduino Mega!! Some of its inputs work - and some don't. Probably cold soldering. Go figure...

I replaced the Arduino - and everything works.