Hello, I have 2 problems.

1. I can't get only the ethernet connection to work, everything is ok with usb and ethernet. When I disconnect usb, no connection.

2. After positive test with test configuration, x-plane shuts down when trying to establish connection. I only have a wireless keyboard/mouse connected.  No bluetooth.
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We have not changed anything in the data exchange protocol a few months.
Just tested the Ethernet version - all works fine.

You need a router with DHCP enabled and W5100 module.
Here is W5100 module connection diagram - http://simvim.com/tech_lan.html

You need to  upload Ethernet version of firmware in the plugin (check "Ethernet" option befor uploading). If it not connected automatically after upload, try to reset your board first.

Update the SimVim to v 0.9.38.

Yes, I clicked the ethernet checkbox in the old and the new firmware and uploaded it.

Just asking, because you say that "With only usb (connection) it works". Or, it works when you re-upload the USB firmware?

And, what is your Ethernet module (W5100?) and do you use a router?

I did a reset and uploaded 0.09.38. with only usb-cable to test if there is a problem with the usb connection, no checkbox for ethernet clicked. Only 1 connection appeared in status page and usb connected.

I have a W5100 compatible Ethernet module, and have checked the resistors they are ok. I compared with your picture. I use a router.

When both ethernet and USB are connected and configured to work with ethernet module should I see them both in statuspage?

1. You can always leave both Ethernet and USB cables connected, it doesn't matter what firmware version is uploaded, if LAN version is on-board, the Ethernet connection will be used and if USB - the serial connection is used.

2.  When you upload Ethernet version and you want to USB cable disconnected, you need to power your board with additional power supply (either via power jack, or via USB socket from some "wall adapter)".

3. In the status window you always see only one connection (either LAN or USB.

It is powered with the header pin +5V (only 5V), I changed to the socket in the mega, same result.  I´m going to replace the Ethernet module to see if that helps.

Thank you Vlad for your help.