As seen in the blog or on the page, you started (or plan) to make a standalone EFIS (EHSI&EADI). What's the current Status and when will it by ready to try?

Greetings - Racame
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Hi Ole,

We've uploaded the panel module for EFIS - you can download it here.

You can try it out, but it hasn't been adapted for any particular display yet (or properly positioned relative to one another), so it can be seen as a demo now. We can adapt it to whatever sizes and display dimensions you need.

Are you planning to use it as part of a panel with physical gauges? Or do you need a full virtual panel (like the currently available one for B200, which includes EFIS)?

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thank you very much for the panel - sadly its crashing in my configuration. I checked with the standard Basic Six Panel, and that one worked fine. I was running the panel on a pi 3, maybe i wil check it on a windows platform.

Since i am just starting, to get familiar ow everything works, i am not quite sure yet. My dream would be a mixed version, with analouge (physical) gauges and a efis or additional virtual options like V/S TCAS Indicator.

I came to your side via your B58 Blog - by the way a very good side and interesting project.

So not sure yet, nevertheless thank you for your support and the possibility to download. If you want, i can send you the crash report?