I do my first steps with analog ;-)

I try to build a trim wheel ( poti ). It is very sensitivty. Thouching the wheel a little bit, and it changes the trim.

How can i changes this?

One way would be two different gears, but i want to keep it simple. I search for a "software" gear.

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When you use analog input for trims,  SmVim sets it's default step precision to 300 steps (the maximum is 1000).  It's not so "sensitive" for trim control

But, to use analog inputs, you need good potentiometer, very good, preferable short and shielded cables, good stable 5V power for your potentiometer, else you can get constant trim fluctuations even if the sensitivity is 300 steps. Also, use the pot with 2-10 kohm maximum.

You can change it to any other, maximum to 1000 (try 200 first to test), but it can be not enough in your case, see notes below):

A3     Elevator_Trim_Position     p=200

1)  For trim use a multi-turn (10 turns) potentiometer. The example you can see on this photo (black cylinder on right side).

 Using some standard (300-degree turn) pots is very bad for trim. It's good for other controls - engine handles and yoke axis.

2) It's better to use encoders for the trims - this is always precise control (with acceleration as option).



Would The p= 200 variable Work with "trim_steps" and with "elec_trim" top?

How can i found Out which config i can Set by a variable ( try and Error ?)

PS: i Love your Work, and i Love your Support.
This p=... is related to the analog sensitivity only, used for potentiometers only.

For encoders, nothing to do, just assign that trim parameters.
For "elec" trim the two-side switches are used.