I know you guys are busy.

Any chance in the future of making the upper and lower annunciation for the King Air 350? While similar to the King Air 200, there are a couple differences. The current 200 ones work with the 350 but some of the indicators never go off and there are some that dont exist.
Also is there a chance that you could make your 'copywrite' notice less bright, like a different colour so there is no bleedover...its very close tot he edge of the annunciator lights themselves.


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No problem, we will "adapt" it for 350, included  in the to-do list.
You can send me the template with all lights (for 7" LCD I suppose?).


Yes, I will make a listing of the lights this weekend with a screen shot.

Yes also, your recommended 7" display size. BTW, they work great on the raspberry Pi ;)