Hello, first of all i want to very thanks for very useful and easy software .
I fly Zibo 737,
i have a problem with some led´s for examp. Mach_Trim_Fail, Speed_Trim_Fail, Hyd_Diff_Press_Hi

they are not responding , i check the Hardware (Arduino & 74HC595) both are ok . i think something to do with software?

best regards
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Hyd_Diff_Press_Hi  should work, tested, check your wiring.
Mach_Trim_Fail  and  Speed_Trim_Fail  are not mapped for custom zibo datarefs, I didn't find them, it seems that lights are "dummy" or useless as some others in zibo or other custom planes.

(or I can "connect" the "laminar/B738/annunciator/stab_out_of_trim" dataref for both these lights, as it is already used for "Stab Out of Trim warning" in the main panel....)