Hi, I'm completing the configuration of my home cockpit. I still have a couple of problems to solve. I can't get the FLOOD and PANEL switches to work, I have tried several parameters in the configurator.  moreover the propeller control levers move down far beyond the natural end-of-travel, almost reaching half the pedestal height.

How can I solve it? Thank you
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Use the "Panel_Lights" and "Panel_Light_Switch"  and if they don't work as default, you need to find out what custom commands are used in the Carenado B58 for them.

What is the prop pitch control in the Carenado B58 - direct control pitch or constant-speed control?

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I've tried but it doesn't work. I also tried to assign r = 73,283 but also in this way the propeller control lever moves down to the middle of the pedestal and the control is not carried out correctly during the flight. The only way it works is by assigning r = 183,283 manually in data.cfg

OK, that means Carenado is not using this system variable as other planes, but some its own "idle" RPM (rad/s). The upper seems used...

Okay, the important thing for me is that it works. Thank you very much for your help

Are you using the REP (reality expansion pack)?

Yes Vlad, I'm using REP, but I've also tried with the carenado version without REP and the problem was the same
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use Imput "BRT_FLOOD and BRT_Panel"
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