1. Trying to figure out how to get my potentiometer config'ed for C172 (or others) nose wheel steering?

Appears this has to be a scripted function? Is that correct?

2. A hardware question, maybe?

I'm using a 10K but if I went to a 20K or higher would that give me more precise steering or just make the process slower in response?
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1. For C172 (or similar) you need to use the "Nose_Wheel_Steer"  On/Off switch (find it in the configurator "Gear/Brakes' Tab.

When this switch is Off - the nose wheel is free, when it's in On position, you can control the wheel with Yoke Roll.

2. For analog input you can use any potentiometer from 1k  to 100k.
But with higher resistance potentiometer and long wires you will get more electrical noise and input signal jerks.
The less resistance (1-10k) the better.
I recommend to use any  from 2 to 20 K.

It's nor related to "speed" or to  "precision" which depends on the resistor quality, physical size, wire length (noise), it can be a "multi-turn" pot for example. For yoke roll the default precision is set to 200 (can be changed to max 1000).


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