Good day,

First of all I would like to thank you for all the information you are providing, it is very helpful !!!

I have problems connecting the "SimVim Panel" and the "SimVimCockpit plugin" can not make the "SimVim Panel" show data.   Could you help me with a tutorial?

I am using X-Plane 11, Windows 7, WiFi.

I apologize for the inlges, I'm from Argentina and I do not speak English
Thank you so much.

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Hi Rafael,

Just to clarify, you are running X-Plane and SimVimPanel on 2 different computers, right?

Generally, SimVimPanel should automatically connect to SimVimCockpit and work as-is.
If it doesn't, try these things one-by-one, and see the connection works after each of them:

1. When both X-Plane and SimVimPanel with a loaded module (you see the gauges displayed on screen) are running, select "Hardware Reconnect" in the plugin's menu in X-Plane.

The connection "SimVimPanel" should  appear in the "Status" window after that.
If not, follow next steps:

2. Make sure the 2 computers are on the same sub-network (their IPs have the same first 3 numbers). Make sure that you can transfer files by network between these computers, and that Firewall on either of them is not blocking communication for X-Plane or SimVimPanel.

3. Look into the plugin's Status window. Make sure the detected IP address shown there is correct for this computer. If it's incorrect, edit the plugin's "config.ini" file with "IP_ADDRESS = (your actual IP address)".

4. On the computer with SimVimPanel, open the panel's "settings.ini" file and add the line "DEBUG = 1". Run SimVimPanel and X-Plane. Then, see the "debug.txt" file in SimVimPanel's folder. It should contain information on what was happening.

Make sure the detected IP listed in this file is correct (and is not If it's not correct, edit SimVimPanel's "settings.ini" file and add the following:

My_IP = (SimVimPanel computer's IP)
XPlane_IP = (X-Plane computer's IP)

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Thank you very much for the response, I work very well.
Now I get an error that I do not know how to fix it:

The Following parameter names are not recognized. Make sure to use up-to-date configurator.


Just some outdated parameter names in the current version of the panel. The main plugin database is still actively changing, including the names of some parameters, and the B58 panel module just has some outdated names in it.

Wait for the next version of the panel module, and it will be fixed.

Also, I've checked, and some of these parameters shouldn't give errors. Make sure you use the latest version of B58 module and SimVimCockpit plugin (including the SimVim.dat file).

Can you please specify which step fixed your connection problem?

The problem of the connection was solved thanks to the advice that you sent me in the first answer.

Approximately, on what date is the new version of the B58 Panel released?

These are the errors that the SimVim shows me when it connects to the SimPanel:

Sorry, but I do not know how to put images in the questions.

Will this be resolved with the new version? For what date is it planned?

I use:

X-Plane 11

SimVimCockpit v0.9.36 (April 14)

Baron-58 Pilot side (30 Jan. 2019) v3.0