Hello, I  have the error in the fuel gauges of baron 58.
As you can see in this screenshot the dataref is correct but when I adjust the fuel gauge the value of 0. I changed the plane by the Cessna and it works  correctly.
They told me that I have to pass the value to kg but I do not know where that is done.

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If you did not make some "output conversion" (it's not needed for B58), you should see this:

As you see the fuel value is 122 (in kgs).

To define what maximum value you need to be set for calibration open the plane customize -
("Weight,Balance &Fuel" window),  move the slider to see the maximum  fuel quantity (for B58 it's about 240 kgs):


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First, forget about XP reinstall - you should never do this for any plugin or troubles. Actually you can move the whole XP folder anywhere for backup, and copy it back .

 - De_Ice_Pressure  -  it's always shows current pressure value 0, and you can see that the related virtual gauge is in zero position.
Maybe some conditions are needed to make this custom dataref to show pressure  in this model (when you switch the pneumatic de-icing system ON and ice is present?)

 -  Prop_Heat_Amps - It shows 0 Amps when Prop heat is OFF, and some amps value when ON (and XP is not in pause mode)

These two parameters are the custom, they don't have a standard XPlane datarefs. So they are mapped to (new custom) Laminar B58 datarefs and works only for this plane.

As for fuel parameters - they use the standard XP datarefs, but for this Laminar B58 they use replacement datarefs for this plane.  Only if for some reason these custom datarefs are not registered in XP when B58 starts, the plugin can't read them.

Again, what is your B58 model - does it the "default" XP11 Laminar Baron?
The plane I am using is the one that comes by default in the X-Plane.

- Beechcraft Baron 58 (laminar research) X-Plane 11 by default

It's very strange the mistake I'm having, but it's because the Cessna works well! for that reason I thought I had some error in the airplane data.

As for these two variables (De_Ice_Pressure / Prop_Heat_Amps), I have the possibility of making variations by activating the Pitot, but in the current values, it is always at zero.

Check the plane folder:
".../Baron 58/plugins/xlua/.."

Inside this folder few lua scripts for this B58 should be located (to make the custom datarefs work).  Do you have this ("B58.01.logic.lua", "B58.90.lighting.lua")?


The only file that exists is "B58.01.logic.lua".

The file "B58.90.lighting.lua" does not exist.

Is that the fault? Is there any way to get that file?
I just updated the X-Plane and now I have those two archives.


You can see that in the installation of X-Plane 11 I did not copy those two files. I was about to go crazy!

Thank you very much for your help, now the whole simulator works fine!