Hi!!! First of all, I want to show my deepest admiration for the Simvim's parents. I really appreciate your effort to give a wonderful tool for the community. Thank you very much!!

And now, a question. I want to simulate the cessna 172 circuit breakers with a Momentary push buttons with a ring of a led light. (Push button switch). I don't want to pull and push the breakers, it seems to hard to me.. So I want to do something easier. I would like to switch on the led when a electrical problem is detected, and when I push the button  the led light swith off like I push the breaker. I think about mount the led as an output, and the Momentary push button as an input. Do you think that it could work?  Please all your comments are welcome !! Thank you very much people 

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Jorge,  thank you for appreciation!

First, X-Plane doesn't have circuit breakers!
And, what is the point,  why bother simulating  CBs?
it  possible to use ".../failures" multi-array datarefs, but it's not the same and we need  some custom plugin to model SB.

Just make the "dummy" SB panel, as I recommend for many other things that are not essential for flight procedures, even if they work in custom planes.
Make it easy!

Hi Vlad, thanks for your quick answer.

Yes you're right , I 've just try to build a dummy panel, but I have this beautiful buttons so I just want to try to use the leds, I don't have idea that xplane don't use CBs!!!

Thank you very much and congratulations!