Hi Vlad,

want to use the SimVim function "Digital Input state (On or Of) used as condition for other parameters" in the configurator, but it don't work. It only says "Cancel" and I can't choose an input pin.

I want to control an LED  "Digital output signal (ON by condition)" with this input (switch).

regards Bernie
May 23, 2019 in Configurator by

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1. Click on any assigned before output (LED, LCD, 7-segment, or input) that you want to be worked by condition.
2. In the opened dialog window Click the button "Conditions"
3. Click the button "Input ON" and then select any free input in the table.
Done. Connect a switch to the input you selected.

The same way you can select input Off condition. Also, you can select in the table not the free input only but any input already assigned to some parameter - switch or multi-position switch.

(Note: if you just want your LED to work on the switch ON, you can use a coupled (double) switch or korry switch to control this LED, no need to use SimVim functions and occupy a free pin for this)

For what purpose do you need this exactly?


May 23, 2019 by
THX Vald, that has helped me!

I do need it for the 737 Zibo AFDS unit test switch, to control the red and yellow LED for "A/P P/RST" and "A/T P/RST". I have no coupled (double) switch, only a single one. So I've use some avaible spare PINs I had left over in this part of the MIP.
Thank you for your explanations.

Cheers Bernie