I followed the advice given by Vlad to Bernie a day ago but I can't get it to work.

Set MPx input to com 1 MHz
set same input (append) to com 1 KHz
click on KHz, conditions, input on, select the encoder switch as input.   

Doesn't work. with switch released both MHz and KHz increment when the knob is turned and when button pressed the KHz increments 1 but no changes when knob turned.

I tried setting condition input off on MHz and condition on on KHz but no joy.....what am I doing wrong?

(found another reply from Vlad (Apr 8) using the mode_button but that procedure brought about the same result...it must be something I am doing wrong...)

P.S....great product by the way Vlad.....
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Please see the video on this page ("One encoder for two switchable parameters")
Hope this will help.


Thanks for your reply Vlad. That is the way I had tried to set up this encoder. I have made a new data.cfg without all my other inputs & outputs..here is the file..

E47.12 Com1_Stby_Mhz_Set c=S47.15
E47.12 Com1_Stby_k25_Set c=S47.15:0
S47.15 Input_State

When loaded the KHz increments all the time without physical input from me, the mhz operates erratically when the encoder is turned (when the MHz increments the KHz pauses for a moment), when the encoder button is pressed the KHz stops incrementing and the MHz advances one unit, turning the encoder while the button is pressed does nothing.....

OK...found the problem..Faulty multiplexer.. it works fine when I tried a different MPx.  I suspect I might have a bit of a duff batch as it is now the second one that has failed.....Thanks for your help

OK, good..
Note: you don't need to have the line with "Input_State" (it's for reference only in the table).
As for "bad" Mux, usually t can be a bad contacts in headers or bad soldering...

Also, you can use the encoder button for click-to-switch (not as click-and-hold) mode button (when you click once the encoder controls Mhz, when click second time- khz)

This MUx was misbehaving on C12 through 15 and I ended up cutting it off the daughter board because it takes ages to solder up all the commoned veropinslaughand fitting a new Mux was the quickest option.

Interested in how to configure between click-to-switch instead of click-and hold if you have a moment.....is that using the mode_button and selecting 2 modes?.. I assume the two states are selected by MHz equal to 1 and KHz  equal to 2

Tried it and that works.....thats nice

Thanks Vlad

Currently we are working on some debugging, new v 0.9.40 will be released.
There can be a problems with "conditions", such as "Input OFF", and some combinations of input/output conditions.
See the "Working On.." chapter.