Is there a way to use a CD74HC4067 module as an output module to power an LED ?

The extension board is powered through an additional power source, configured as an output extension module.

I want to use an LED to indicate "Pitot Heat is on". When i select that parameter ,indicate it is an "Led, single digital output" and want to assign it to pin 1 of the output multiplexer, i get an error "This is not an led driver" in the configurator.

Is there a work-around ?
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1 Answer

Please read the website pages more carefully. -
The "multiple-LED" extension can be only serial or matrix.

For serial output extension you need to use LED drivers or shift registers:

For "matrix" output extension MAX7219 modules can be used.

The multiplexer modules cannot be used because to control all LEDs you need to have "memory-type" drivers to save LED states between data updates. The multiplexer is just a logical multi-position switch, it can't keep the output state:

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