Hi Vlad, I was just looking at SimVimPanel. My idea was to use a 22-inch 16/9 monitor that I have, 1920x1080 resolution. I noticed that the panel for the barbaron has a 16/10 monitor so it appears small on my monitor. Is there any possibility of solving this? Just not having to buy another monitor.

Thank you
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The gauges are smaller  because of much higher PPM in this monitor.
To correct this you need to  open the "settings.ini" file in SimVim folder and enter this line:

DPI = 100
( it's your monitor resolution - 100 pixels per inch, or something close to this)

Or, instead  you can add this line:

Screen_Horizontal = 487

(If you screen width is 487 mm, if not, enter what is yours in mm)

Note, that the instruments positions is adapted for the screen with 16:10 ratio, not for 16:9, so some gauges (e.g. engine)  can be not fit the screen height, because the height of the 16:10 screen is 297 mm, and 16:9 height is about 275mm.
Just try.


Thanck you Vlad, I tried and it is ok.
Hi Vlad, two more questions about SimVimPanel. When I launch it the sim plugin reports an error:

"the followin parameter names are not recognized:

VOR_OBS2: deg

In addition, the indicators of engine (CHT and EGT) and oil temperature and oil pressure do not work with the Carenado Baron. I imagine it depends on the fact that Carenado uses particular dataref. Is there any way to set these datarefs for SimVimPanel to read?