Hello Vlad and Roman,

Wow ! SimVim, what application ! We can only be admirable and indebted to such work. Thank you very much, continue again and again.

Here's my question: I fly in a flying club and we build a DR400 simulator, but the layout of our dashboard of our plane is not all the same as that of SImVim Panels. Do you envisage the possibility of modifying the panels ourselves (moving an instrument, changing size, adding instruments from others panel, ...). Same question for all SimVim panels.

If not planned or not possible : not a problem, we will still use your software, it is too good !

Thank you for your reply.
Best regards

Serge (France)
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SimVim project is designed to let people make real panel, having Plug-and-Play software, using optimal LCD sizes for each panel part and our panels should have exact (real) dimensions (in mm) on these LCDs without scaling.

All Panels are made with instrument sizes and spacing between  instruments as in real panel,  for specific LCD screen to display all instruments in real sizes.
For example - the Robin Dr400 "real-size" screen should be - 18.5" 1366x768 (16:9), or other with simlal PPI. If you start Robin panel on this monitor, then you can be be sure the gauges have exact 3.125" diameter (with bezels on).

All dimensions, such as the spacing between instruments are taken from real panel of real aircraft, using documentation and a lot of hi-res photos of this plane and users information they give us.

So, SimVimPanel is not a "panel constructor" as AirManager. You only can move the whole panel left/right, up/down using the arrow keys, then save this position.

But, SimVim is "customizable" - you can ask us to change some instruments, add new ones, etc. 
Also, if you have finished panel cut-outs for some real planes, you can share them (
and LCD screen characteristics for them) with us.

In near future will will continue to expand SimVim Instrument database.