Vlad, are there alternatives to the stepper motor drivers that are listed on the Components page that could be purchased here in the US from mouser or digikey? I only ask this as the shipping from China is quite a long time.


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In common, any suitable stepper motor can work with SimVim, with appropriate stepper controller and added to the supported list (we need to know the full-circle step number to add it)

But, certainly, the X27 motor is the best for using in cockpit instruments.
You can find such motors in the cars junkyard, maybe (used in many car dashboards).

But, did you try to purchase something from AliExpress, Ebay before? It usually takes no more than a week (or less) to receive any parcel in US (you may ask a seller to clarify). 

Links for X27

Example 1

Update:  Just noticed, it seems you have asked about motor drivers, not stepper motors, right?

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Correct, the drivers. I was searching for a supplier in he US and wasn’t able to find any for the drivers you have listed.


If you already have the X27 motors  (or you are going to buy them), and  you need the drivers for these steppers, here are some  links:

VID6606 drivers

AX1201728SG  drivers (the same as VID)

I can assure you, that if you will order some, you can get them in 3-5 days in US (+ US delivery).

And, as I describe it here - http://simvim.com/tips_smd.html  - it will cost you just about $2 for good DIY board for 4 motors.


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Thanks Vlad, I do have the X27 motors already, I will go ahead and order the ones you recommend.


link example
link 2 example

You can find suitable yourself, see seller rating, ask seller some questions before buying, clarify shipping options, etc.

Personally, I have never had a single problem with delivery electronics from ebay or AliExpress for the last 10 years.