Hi Vlad,

For B1900D Carenado v3.2 the autofeather switch activates two standard xplane dataref:


The first one is controlled by the simvim Prop_AutoFeather fucntion but I don't know the other one. Please, can you tell me which is it?



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First, regarding the datarefs, the standard dataref used for it is this one:
(it takes 3 values for Off/ Arm/Test modes).

Don't look at the old ../cockpit/..  datares - they are all "deprecated", only ../cockpit2/.. is actual.
The "sim/aircraft/..." section of datarefs is NOT used for controls, it's for aircraft model constants/features storing.

And, you don't need to bothering about standard datarefs (commands) - all them related to cockpit control are implemented it the SimVim data names already.

Yes, you need to use the SimVim parameter "Prop_AutoFeather"  (for 2-pos) or "Prop_AF_Arm_Test"  for 3-position toggle switch.
If it doesn't work as-is, you need to find the Carenado custom commands for this switch.

if Carenado has 3-position switch, it should be two up/dn commands, or 3 commands, if the switch is "simplified" (2 positions), it should be two up/dn commands or one "toggle' command.
(or one custom dataref)

Regarding the assignment of two parameters to one switch - simply add the next parameter in the configurator to the same switch ("Append").



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