Hi I have origanal Ignition Switch ACS A-510-9 I have connected the 3 pins L R S to A0\A1\A3 to Mega board and connected battery and earth together and took the earth to Arduino board earth. In configurator i chose the one file recommended but I cant get it to work.

What am I doing wrong please.

Thankyou for your help
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A small bug has been fixed, now this starter switch should work:
Apr 13, 2019 by

This switch (A510) should be connected  as described here:


Here is the "logic":


My Bendix switch p/n is 10-357200. I am using the default C-172 by LR. I removed all connections to the terminal strip and reconnected each one again. All switch functions now work as designed. Perhaps I had one loose connection? You're a truly amazing engineer Vlad! Thanks very much.