Hi Vlad,

I have a rotary encoder (KY-040) it was working fine with the MCP pilot's Course a few weeks ago, then I re-wired everything and now I can't make it work, I mean it does work but only to increases values, if I turn the knob counter clock wise the values doesn't  decrease, they just keep increasing.

I tried to change the wire order A and B, I always chose Type1 , did you changed anything in a new update or something?
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Regarding KY-040 - please read here. And check your wiring again, it cannot be the code or plugin.

I double checked the wire, apparently I have it right, also why my KY-040 works fine with Altitude and KIAS i can increase and decrease the values correctly but with the Course i can only increase it no matter what direction i turn the encoder knob, you sure the Course code is working fine?

Sorry for the troubles Vlad, anyway i can live with the Course not working exactly as it should, love your website

Try to reassign it in the configuratior.