Hi guys, first.. thank you to accepted me in the community!

SimVim is awesome!

I created many project with Arduino uno.

I'm starting now to use SimVim for XP11 and Zibo 737.

I bought an Arduino Mega, I connected it, I followed the istruction, uploaded the firmware and performed the first test! Everything is fine.

Then I switched off in a normally my pc and the next day I switch on it again.

Strangely, even if the pc recognize correctly the board and the correct serial port (it is not changed), when I try to check the status, simvim is not able to recognize the board. I have perform again the procedure to upload the firmware. I tried to change the usb port (2.0 , 3.0version) so on... but I continue to have the same issue.

I'm trying to figured out where the issue is, If is my arduino mega which has some problem or some other thing. I also triied to change the usb cable.

I'm using windows 10 with the last patches, the last SimVIm version (v0.9.35d), XP11 with some plugin like FlyWithLua...but nothing special.

Can someone give me some suggestion to perform a some troubleshooting? Can I connect an Arduino uno and use it in meantime as Master board to perform some tes?

Reading your "manual" I understood is possible...

Any help is much apprecciated!

THank you!! Antonio
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Hi Antonio,

1. Have you tried using the "Hardware Reconnect" option in the menu instead? (it instructs the plugin to reset and re-open all serial ports it can find).

2. If it doesn't help, also try pressing the "Reset" button on the Arduino board. (Then use "Hardware Reconnect" after that).

Re-uploading firmware every time is meaningless. After being uploaded to Arduino, it stays there and doesn't change. Basically, what you do by uploading it again is just the same as pressing the "Reset" button.

3. What "manual" did you read? Only Mega can be used as the master board with SimVimCockpit.

Best regards,

Dear Roman, thank you for your answer!


I tried three things and now seems to works. Concerning the 2 things I followed your tip about the "reset" and "HW Reconnect".

In addition, since the SimVim "status" was reporting me It found  a serial port even if I had not attached the board and my pc had not a physical COM..., I discovered there was a COM1 serial in my device manager (the Arduino is COM3).

I disabled the serial com from the Mainboard BIOS configuration and, now, SimVim recognize immediately the board. I tried to close and open XP and also restart the pc. Until now it woking correcty!

Maybe SimVim was trying to find the board in the COM1? Or maybe the reset and the HW reconnetion has sblocked the communication...


Thank you for you support and for very very great job with SimVim!

Cheers, Antonio.
Same Problem. First time all perfekt. After reloading or something else, no connection to Arduino. Reconnecting, reset, and all other tried. Sometimes it worked. After reading this Thread, i have Seriell 1 closed in Bios.

And all runs smooth and perfekt.

Thx Antonio.

And a verry big THX to SIMVIM for a SUPER SOFTWARE and all your work.

Hi Alex, happy to be useful! Have nice flights!